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| April, 1 2020 | for Ronald G. Campos, MD

Dear Dr. Campos,
Thank you for your care for both Jeff and I over these many years. We are truly grateful for your expert skills and caring ways, especially as we age in our golden years. You are incredibly helpful with all our needs and when we need care on an emergency basis you are always there to guide us and support us on our journeys.
We want to thank you even more for your help and reassurance during these trying times with the Coronavirus. At times with all these uncertainties the unknown is difficult for us both, we can rely on you to calm our worries and to take care of our medical needs. You always reassure and guide us through the difficulties and through our every changing lives and challenges.
We want to thank you too for your caring and informed staff who field all our questions, concerns and needs for even prescriptions. They and you are just a call, text or e-mail away.
It's been a privilege to be under your care and to personally know you as we continue to go through our medical needs under your care.
We both thank you for the detailed, extensive physicals we go through each year. These are the most detailed physicals we have had with any doctor we had in the past. To know where we stand in all aspects of our medical issues are such a relief and comforting situation on how to lead our lives.
Thank you, Dr. Campos. God Bless You---we a truly grateful.
Love and Prayers,
Tricia and Jeff Spires