had serious neck issues for almost 30 years from a serious whiplash.

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| October, 11 2014 | for Mark A. Dodson, MD
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I have had serious neck issues for almost 30 years from a serious whiplash. Since late 2000, both hands would go dead. My former doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, and he recommended two fusions. I asked for a second opinion, and I received the same counsel. I could no longer use a pen for more than about two minutes. Intuitively, I knew not to do it. Then I found Dr. Dodson. On my FIRST visit, he said, You have neck issues, but I personally believe you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome. He sent me to a neurologist who tested me for the first time. Sure enough--severe carpal tunnel syndrome. He sent me to another specialist, and my neck and both hands are totally managed without drugs or surgery. That was the FIRST miracle.

I was having horrible stabbing pain in my right eye, and I had been to three different eye specialists with no luck. Within THREE MINUTES of hearing my symptoms, Dr. Dodson said, You are having cluster headaches. I said, No way. He said, Google it yourself. You are describing a textbook cluster headache. He sent me back to the neurologist, and I was put on 3 weeks of steroids--then a dose of Verapamil each night before bed, and I haven't had a cluster headache in over six months. I was having them 2-3 times per week.

He is the best of the best. I have referred 8 new patients to him--difficult ones that no one could figure out, and he helped every one of them. One of the first young men that I took to him was one of my employees that had been in and out of emergency, and he was continuing to put on water despite the diuretics. When we walked into the lobby, Dr. Dodson walked out and introduced himself. He asked the young man, Are you a new patient? My employee replied, Yes sir, if you'll have me. Dr. Dodson said, Good, because we're going to the hospital right now. He had an extremely rare kidney disease and could not work for almost a year. He is now back doing construction work. Without a doubt, he would have died without Dr. Dodson. Amazing...