He cannot be thanked enough for his contributions.

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| March, 16 2018 | for Frank M. Dawson, MD

Our family has been with Dr. Dawson for over 32 years, perhaps one of his longest families. He has seen us through multiple illnesses, many quite serious.
He is often the first caring face I see when I come out of anesthesia from surgery and always the first doctor each morning in the hospital. His word and thorough check is the only way I can escape out of care, only after he is comfortable with all results. Through the years the line has softened to a valued family friend that is the ultimate trust you need in a physician.
You can often judge a physician by what his peers and co-workers think of him. I have been in the hospital enough to know how he is revered by nurses and staff.
Dr. Dawson is a purpose driven man and I am proud to be a part if his journey.
Did I mention his commitment to our community and the service he has provided through the years? Clinics, Fundraising and leadership are are a significant part of his personal time. He cannot be thanked enough for his contributions.
We are blessed and thankful.