He is a caring Dr. and also has a nice sense of humor. I feel

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| March, 30 2017 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Dr. DeAtkine is currently my doctor. I have been his patient since he joined MDVIP. Dr. DeAtkine was also my mom's doctor since he began his practice in Birmingham. She eagerly followed him to his MDVIP practice.

My mom had several serious health issues. Dr. DeAtkine was always so thorough. He was very kind and patient with her. She was so proud that he was her doctor. She believed in him. She would have jumped off a building if he told her to do that. He continued to take excellent care of her throughout her life. He visited her a couple of days before her death. He was very kind to my brother and me. He even took time out of his busy practice to attend her memorial. There is no question my mom's quality of life was greatly increased because of Dr. DeAtkine.

c. I think if it came between buying groceries or paying my MDVIP fee, I would choose MDVIP hands down !!!