He is extremely empathetic, professional and knowledgeable with a fantastic demeanor.

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| March, 24 2017 | for Alan R. Sheff, MD

I am a physician who joined Dr. Alan Sheffs practice, as a patient, in early 2003. The concept of personalized health care was new and controversial back then, but I knew I needed personalized attention for my rare progressive disabling medical condition that stymied top specialists at Harvard, Columbia, Hopkins and primary physicians who, like me, had to care for over 2000 patients in their individual panels. I felt no one seemed to know how to or have the time to address my rare condition. I was frustrated and moved from the NYC area to the DC area in late 2002 to be near my parents for support when I heard of MDVIP and Dr. Sheff. I agreed with the concept that limiting a physicians panel to 600 patients would lead to better personalized health care. I was not disappointed.

Dr. Sheff took the time to understand my rare medical situation. He empathized with my frustration and has directed my health care ever since. He discovered other health issues via his very thorough physical exam process and initiated appropriate care. It has been said that doctors make the worst patients. I was no exception. Dr. Sheff was able to coax and convince me not to pursue surgical and invasive procedures and to take more responsibility for my own health care. He is extremely empathetic, professional and knowledgeable with a fantastic demeanor. I learned a lot from him.

Back in early 2003, there were only three doctors participating with MDVIP in the entire MD, DC & VA area. Two of the three, Drs. Sheff & Pennington, were in the same practice. There are now six great doctors in Dr. Sheffs practice, Bethesda Medical Associates, and over 70 MDVIP doctors within 50 miles.

I am a physician fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Alan Sheff for over 14 years. I am still here.