He has my vote for Physician of the Year

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| October, 25 2017 | for Mart J. Amick, MD

Dr. Amick practices a traditional style of medicine. His clinical assessment begins by listening attentively to the patient's medical concerns, and then develops his recommended treatment plan through a series of patient questions, physical examination, diagnostic testing and physican specialist consultation when appropriate.

His non-judgemental, professional style of patient communication is clear, concise, and reassuring. Patient rights and patient dignity are consistently demonstrated throughout the medical decision making process. He allows the patient to approve his recommended medical treatment plan, and respectively provides knowledgeable, medical evidenced- based practice supporting clinical treatment options. He conveys a conservative, pragmatic style of medicine in treating patient symptons.

Dr. Amick is personally available 24/7, 7 days per week with timely responses.
He has my vote for Physician of the Year