He is knowledgeable in every facet of my health issues

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| February, 16 2020 | for Orlando Fonseca, MD

I have been a patient of Dr Finkelstein for nearly 25 years and currently 10 years as my MDVIP. He is knowledgeable in every facet of my health issues - was instrumental in getting me immediate contacts with a cancer doctor when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When my husband passed suddenly one weekend from sepsis, Dr. Finkelstein, (who was also my husbands doctor) met with me and offered his assistance to talk to me or provide any medical help I would need to get me through a most unexpected and difficult time in my life. My medical examinations are very comprehensive and in meeting with him to explain my results, he always explains things in a manner that I an understand. Any time I have a concern about a health issue, I call his office and almost always within an hour I have a direct response from the doctor himself or his assistant even when he is on vacation... My appointments are ALWAYS on schedule. The waiting area is calm and relaxed and very clean. My blood pressure is always normal during my visits - Dr. Finkelstein has a very unique ability to deliver difficult information in a manner that he conveys with care and compassion. His bedside manner is exemplary and explains things in detail but without putting fear into me. The day, he called me into his office to tell me I had breast cancer he said he did not sleep very well the night before knowing he had to deliver me this life-changing information. That is compassion. I have referred several of my friends and neighbors to Dr. Finkelstein and I know of 4 that have joined the MDVIP program with him and they are all very pleased with both him and the program. Any time I need a referral to a specialist he and his office provide excellent information to follow-through and I have never been disappointed and believe I have received the best doctors recommended for a specific issue. Dr. Finkelstein has shared personal experiences he has had with some of his colleagues which I consider to be the best type of recommendations. There have been times when I explain some health issue I am concerned about and he shares that he has or is experiencing the same type issues and always puts me at ease with recommendation as how to move forward. I never contradict his diagnosis but believe with his years of practicing medicine and taking care of me, at 77 years, DR. FINKELSTEIN IS THE BEST DOCTOR I HAVE EVER HAD
And I pray as long as I live he never leaves his practice. I love Dr. Finkelstein.

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