He Listens - He Really Listens!!!!

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| March, 10 2020 | for N. Spencer Welch, MD

Dr. Spencer Welch has been my primary physician for several years . I have always felt comfortable with him and felt that he listens to what I have to say and takes me seriously. In January 2016 I saw Dr. Welch for my routine physical. I said I physically felt fine, but "something just doesn't feel right and I can not put my finger on it." Since both sides of my family suffer from heart disease, he referred me to a cardiologist for some baseline testing. Long story-short, a cancerous lung tumor was found. I had no pain, shortness of breath, nor any other symptoms. I never smoked and was not at high risk. Thanks to Dr. Welch, I was referred immediately to a lung nodule team. I had a right upper lobectomy in June 2016. The tumor was confined; I am being monitored by an oncologist but, to date, have required no chemo or radiation. I strongly feel that I am alive and healthy today because Dr. Welch took very seriously the remark "something just did feel right..." Thank you Dr. Welch.