He is my rock.

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| March, 1 2018 | for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I have known Dr. Alan Reisinger it seems like a lifetime. He was my doctor years prior to MDVIP. I am his challenge. Anything and everything out of the ordinary happens to me. I can honestly say what ever the situation that arises I feel he will figure it out. I am the patient that keeps him on his toes. I'm not stating anything that is not true. Just ask him. He is one in a million. He is very compassionate, will take the time and go the extra mile for whatever the situation presented to him. I sincerely feel if I had another physician I would not be in the state of health that I am today. He is my rock. I am currently concerned wit my age if I will be able to continue to have him as my doctor. I He is my main reason for still working instead of being retired. I
hope I will get it figured out soon. I owe my life to him. Unfortunately I can't work for ever .He is the greatest as far as I am concerned