He is such an honest, caring physician.

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| October, 3 2017 | for Michael J. Finkelstein, MD

I was a patient of Dr. Finkelstein's before he became an MDVIP member and the idea of having to find a new primary doctor was frustrating and upsetting because I was so grateful for his expertise, his ability to listen to what I had to say, and his respect for his patients. When my husband and I attended the meeting, at which time he announced his new position and explained the differences (including having to pay an annual fee, he asked us if we had any questions, I did have one very important question: What if I need to see a specialist ASAP, and the waiting time is too long? Dr. Finkelstein said that would not happen. He would make sure that his patients are seen as soon as possible even if he has to call the physician himself. He also gave us a cell phone number to reach him directly at anytime, and I certainly have made use of that important communication. It helped me to calm down, and gave me the advise needed at the time.

Dr. Finkelstein has no problem admitting that he isn't sure and wants to send me to a specialist. His ego does not get in his way. He is such an honest, caring physician, and I am so grateful for this. The entire MDVIP is worth paying for when you get this kind of medical care. And the staff consists of equally professional care. They are amazing and add so much to the office.