He treats the mind, the body, and the spirit.

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| March, 23 2018 | for David R. Carver, MD

I am 43 years old. At 26 I walked into Dr. Carvers office. Never having met him before. I was sick in a way i couldn't describe. My body was showing me that the stress I thought I was managing was really managing me. I was depressed, full of aniexty and my hair was falling out in hand fulls. Different types of medicine was discussed but through our converstation, I told Dr. Carver that I just had to keep praying through the situation. I did not want to take medicine. After what seemed like an hour with me he started to punch into his (at the time) palm pilot. I thought he was writing a prescription for medicine. I started to ask him what he was doing. I said I was not taking medicine. I kept yapping and he punched into his palm pilot then wrote on a prescription pad. I yapped more. He finally looked at me with the most endearing eyes and said shish. I looked at him appalled. He then handed me a prescription with 3 Bible versus written on it. For me - this was a game changer. He listened to me and did not try to push medicine but helped me manage the stress the way I wanted. That was only the begining of our journey. At 43 he has helped me through some of my toughest days. He treats the mind, the body, and the spirit. He probably doesn't really know how important he is to me in my life. No matter if I am sick or not, have seen him recently or not. I still carry the original prescriptions with the versus in my Bible to this day. He gave me the best medicine for me. Thank you Dr. Carver - you are a difference maker.