He is a very good listener

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| March, 7 2018 | for Andrew N. Muller, Jr, MD

The think that the thing I admire most is that Dr. Muller presents himself as a partner in my health care. He is a very good listener and asks a lot of questions about my welfare. I feel that I am involved in a caregiver/patient partnership that clearly involves me. Furthermore, Dr. Muller takes the time to explain in layman's terms what is going on I my body and then he lays out the options. He is also helpful in understanding the age related changes to both body and mind. Sorry I missed the survey. Apparently the survey expired before I got to completing it. Lack of completion of the survey should not reflect on Dr. Muller in a negative manner. It was a matter of lazy patient syndrome. Sorry Dr. Muller. I cannot imagine any better care anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Muller. Jim F.