he was so kind and caring when he came by the hospital on call.

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| February, 14 2018 | for William E. Rigsby, MD

Doctor Rigsby is my friend.
My wife was an ER nurse, and she got me an appointment with Dr. Rigsby many years ago because he was so kind and caring when he came by the hospital on call. Up until that time, I dreaded any visit to the doctor because it was always a cattle call experience of waiting and then running through.
These days, a visit to my primary care doctor is like visiting friends. Sally and Maria are cordial and efficient, and the Doc takes as much time as I need for examinations and explanations of treatment.
Two examples come to mind whenever someone asks me about my personal doctor. A few years ago, when my wife had a brain tumor, I made an appointment with Dr. Rigsby to ask all the questions that a spouse and caregiver needs to know. After guiding us through a year of treatment, Dr. Rigsby returned to Hospice as a volunteer to come to my home and help me take care of my wife, even though he was not her physician.
More recently, an MDVIP newsletter informed me that I should start with my personal physician's office if I had any questions about Medicare Supplemental Insurance. I did not even know If I needed this, but I knew that I did not want my children to be overburdened if I get sick. When I called Sally at Dr Rigsby's office, she put me in touch with a fellow patient who was an expert. This was an area I never had to deal with before, and it was very important to go into it with trusted advice.
I now have supplemental Health insurance, and I feel even more confidant that my wife made the right decision in switching me over to Dr. Rigsby all those years ago.