Heart strength improved by almost 50%

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| February, 10 2022 | for John G. Barnes, MD

Dr. John Barnes has been my doctor for over 30 years. He switched to MDVIP about 8 years ago and I followed him. At my first physical he gave me a book entitled 'Younger Next Year" and told me to read it and see what I think. It's basically a lifestyle book for people in the last third of their life. I was 64 at the time. It's not a diet book, but if you do what it says, and need to loose weight, you will. It's all about diet and exercise, and it's a fun, easy read. We all know diet and exercise is a huge part of good health and this book explains why, and helps you get started.
I took the book to heart, pun intended, change my diet, exercised and it changed my life. I went from 210 lbs. to 168 in 6 months, and gained muscle that I never had before. The best part is that my heart strength went up by almost 50%. My cardio doctor said that I had the heart of a 20 year old! Thirteen years ago my ejection factor was 45%, now it's 65%. This is what determines heart strength, 65% is normal. As I have had a history of heart problems, I feel this book and Dr. Barnes gave me a much better quality of life and probably has extended it many years. Thank you Dr. Barnes and MDVIP.