His concern made me more confident

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| March, 1 2018 | for Lee S. Freedman, MD

I have two stories to tell. One concerns my husband, Ken, and one is about me.
Six years ago Ken went to see Dr. Freedman for a problem with his foot. It was determined that the problem was caused by one of the medications he was taking for his heart disease. But while Ken was in the office, Dr. Freedman took one look at him and called his cardiologist, and together they decided that Ken should have an angiogram the next day. The day after the angiogram Ken had a quadruple bypass. A few weeks later we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We thank Dr. Freedman for saving Ken's life by looking at the whole person, and knowing his patient.
The story about me is more general. I have been hospitalized a few times in the past ten years and the hospital we go to has a hospitalist system. Dr. Freedman called me everyday to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. He was also in touch with the hospital Dr. in charge. His concern made me more confident that everything would turn out well.
We thank him for his professional expertise and friendship, for his caring staff, and for the good health we both enjoy at 79 and 84.