I also consider him my pain management expert.

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| March, 4 2018 | for Eric C. Marcalus, MD

My family doctor, Dr. Eric Marcalus, has been my primary care physician prior to him becoming affiliated with MDVIP. His skills are exemplary since he was referred to me by my heart doctor years ago. The added reference is him joining MDVIP because it both expanded the new health care style of healthy checkups and provided the needs of a good referral if I ever need urgent care when traveling outside of my area.

Dr. Marcalus is keen on observing both my personality and my habits. I can compare with practices years ago when I lived in Chicago and Baltimore. His staff routinely provides a follow up call to make sure each visit was a success and allows any concerns I have after the initial visit.

My appreciation to my doctor is the quick prognosis and the options to resolve any ailments or chronic pain. I also consider him my pain management expert.