I am better because of Dr. Shockey!

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| March, 31 2020 | for Jerry Shockey, MD

I am very thankful for the care and concern I receive from Dr. Shockey. I had some medical and health problems about two years ago and made an appointment with Dr. Shockey. I was able to see him within the next day or two. He knew right away what was wrong and prescribed the medications I needed. He also recommended the Keto diet to me and said to try it and see if it helps me with my weight problem. It includes eating real, natural foods. It meant cutting back on carbs a lot but I was able to do it. I can tell the difference in how I feel. I thought I had to give up chocolate. However, I found out that if I eat the dark chocolate that is 72% more chocolate and less sugar, then I can eat it without feeling guilty! I am always looking for Keto recipes that use fresh ingredients and are low in carbs and sugar. Yes, sometimes I do cheat and have something that is not on the Keto diet. The holidays were a challenge but I am trying to stay on the diet as much as I possibly can. I am also thankful for the seminars and informational meetings that Dr. Shockey schedules from time to time. My husband & I try to attend as many as we are able to do so. I am so thankful knowing when I call the office and talk with Dottie, I will be able to schedule an appointment withing 1 or 2 days. Thank you Dr. Shockey for your caring concern for me.