I am fortunate to know her.

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| March, 2 2018 | for Eileen M. Hoffman, MD, FACP

Unlike most people whom I know, I have required more medical care. As time has moved on, personal care from those who practice medicine has devolved. We are now often routed to call center personnel who determine how quickly one can be seen by a physician, have long wait times before being seen and sometimes not even fully examined by our doctors. Attempting to reach our medical practictioners about test results and other questions become frustrating exercises. Our physicians now practice in silos and do not talk to one another and there is no one at the helm of our medical care. Dr. Eileen Hoffman changed all of this for me. Her care has restored my faith in the Hippocractic Oath. Dogged by pain whose origin could not be easily determine she helped me navigate to feeling better. I am fortunate to know her.