I am here today because of him

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| March, 15 2020 | for Timothy Fignar, MD, FAAFP

I am here today because of him I first went to Dr Fignar in 2004 complaining of some chest pain‘s and I was dealing with depression he sent me for test and the test came back non-conclusive a week later I called him while his office was under complete construction he had made arrangements with another physician in the building to have a facility for his patients I met Dr Fignar there and we discussed seeing a cardiologist I then contacted our family cardiologist and had an angiogram performed two days later I was having a quadruple bypass the four main arteries of my heart were blocked equally at 85% as the surgeon said I was a snow shovel away from having a massive heart attack I never had a heart attack I have no damage to my heart And for the past 16 years I’ve had some additional surgeries but Dr Fignar has taught me how to eat how to lose weight get my sugar, cholesterol under control through his center for medical weight loss So a year ago when he announced he was going to MDVIP I inquired and I asked he explained about the 24/7 care the availability of same-day appointments if necessary if he was unavailable Other MDVIP doctors would be covering his patients and the extensive blood tests to help Diagnose and Screenings and test As preventative medicine with new technology coming every year I am sure that MDVIP will be on the cutting edge Which means I will have The latest and greatest test for preventative measures through this program for me personally all the things that were offered by MDVIP have been offered to me over the past 16 years of being his patient he has always taken The time to talk to me during an appointment even if I was seen by a PA his office has always been easily to get a hold of his office staff has always been very courteous and polite and sympathetic to the needs sometimes that I require I feel honored to be his patient and part of this program.