I am here today due to the Good Lord and Dr. Rigsby.

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B Keith
| February, 23 2018 | for William E. Rigsby, MD

I am here today due to the Good Lord and Dr. Rigsby. I was having chest pains and went to see a cardiologists. He did a nuclear stress test and I was told there was not any problems. I continued to have more chest pain, so I called Dr. Rigsby.
He stayed after hours to see me at his office. After checking me over, I heard him tell a different cardiologists over the phone that he needed him to see me that day.
Within 2 hours I was in the cardiologists office being checked. I was told to come back on the following morning for a heart catheter. After the procedure, I was placed in an ambulance and transferred to another hospital. The following morning I had triple bypass surgery. My wife was told by the surgeon that if I would have had a heart attack, it would could have been fatal. Dr. Rigsby cares about his patients. I do not know another Doctor I would trust like I do Dr. Rigsby. He is not only my Doctor but also my Friend. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Rigsby.