I am a retired general surgeon.

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| March, 2 2014 | for Bruce J. Sachs, MD

I am a retired general surgeon. I became a patient of Bruce J. Sachs, MD following a month-long hospitalization with a septic knee, two surgeries to drain it, one of which was inadequate. I did not have a primary care physician at that time, so I had gone to the emergency room. The surgeon on call was not well trained or responsive. Even though I am a physician, I quickly realized that being my own doctor was a bad idea and that I needed a primary care physician to get good medical care. Dr. Sachs intervened for me and convinced an excellent orthopedic surgeon to perform a knee replacement, even though I have multiple health problems including diabetes. Dr. Sachs developed a health plan that I have been following with no infection. I am very grateful to Dr. Sachs and credit him with getting me out of a wheelchair, improving my quality of life, as well as providing both my wife and myself with excellent health care.