I am so proud that I was referred to Dr. Winnie by my son.

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| February, 17 2014 | for Michael G. Winnie, MD

I am so proud that I was referred to Dr. Winnie by my son. You need to say that Dr. Winnie was very much so instrumental in the Miracle of my still being here to talk about my illness. Dr. Winnie already suspected the worst when he saw me that Friday evening and viewed the blood report. He had a CT-Scan made but w/o contrast because my kidneys were already failing. He came back into the patient room with a very gloom look and we both knew that the information was going to be bad. He informed us at that time that according to what they could see with the CT-Scan that it looked as if I had Pancreatic Cancer or a tumor on the pancreas. He immediately had me hospitalized and connected with Dr. Ibanez and Dr. Kim. They tried unsuccessfully to clear and opening in my bile duct to the liver. On Sunday, Dec 9, 2012 I was ambulanced to San Antonio to see Dr. Patel and Dr. Ocko for a stint implant. Later I was connected to Surgeon Dr. Almeda for Liver Cancer surgery. By this time they had determined that it was not the Pancreas. They could not ever find a positive biopsy but Dr. Almeda was not happy with the looks of the Liver, so he went out on a limb and took out about 60 of the liver (almost all of the large lobe). When they sent it off to a Research Center in Pennsylvania, they bisected it and found the Cancer in the center of the liver. With the results that the doctors had and with my recovery, Dr. Almeda told me that I was a miracle. They were able to remove the cancer enclosed in the large lobe and he told me that I was Cancer-Free and that most people with the cancer and the surgery I had would already be in Hospice and that I should believe him when he says that I am Cancer-Free. I am 1-year and 1-month past the surgery and there still is no indication of Cancer. I feel so very much blessed by God and Monsignor McGowan in Corpus Christi and with the doctors in Corpus Christi and my Doctor Winnie and with the way that he was instrumental in my/his finding of the disease and the leadership in pointing me in the right direction and in all of his follow-up as well as his present and personal and professional care. He is MOST DEFINITELY the best Doctor I could ever wish for. I am always greeted kindly and as if a part of the family. He listens to exactly what I may have to say about an ailment and he explains things to me that help me to understand my ailments and medicines. He is always very receptive to whatever I may have to say or ask.