I am very grateful for my doctor, Vicki Bralow.

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| March, 21 2018 | for Vicki Bralow, DO

A doctor should feel like a best friend, even family. They should know you that well. As her patient, Dr. Vicki Bralow is my friend and has been for years. She is honest, knowledgeable, genuine and respectful. Through this program, she is literally there for me any time I need her either by phone, email or text. I feel safe and secure with her as my doctor.

Personally managing your healthcare is very important and this program make is much easier to do so. This has never been clearer to me than after being my terminally ill sister's caretaker for five years. She did not have a doctor like Vicki or a program like MDVIP, but I wish she had. The stress from managing her healthcare compounded that of her cancer and the associated medical problems. I leaned heavily on the support of others.

I was fortunate to have my doctor, Vicki, by my side to help me through it. After checking in with me, Vicki always asked how my sister was doing. Not too many people have doctors like that. After my sister passed away, Vicki made sure I was coping well and monitored how that might have affected my own health. That kind of care is priceless.

I am very grateful for my doctor, Vicki Bralow.