I am writing about How a great Dr saved my life and protects me from myself at times.

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| January, 28 2015 | for Joel I. Silverman, DO, FACP

I am writing about How a great Dr saved my life and protects me from myself at times. I met Dr S 14 yrs ago after my then picked primary by the insurance company saw a paycheck not a person in me being his patient. All the questions I raised about my health went unanswered the neurological issues brought on by GBS and Polio I ended up on the table getting a stent from a very good heart Dr. He quietly took me aside after my surgery telling me I should find a new primary, I was then introduced to Dr Joel Silverman who after meeting and answering questions about GBS and Polio from the modified live vaccine knew my issues and problems and offered to be my Dr and watch over me. For over 14 years he watched over me and my excerisize running weights and pain management his practice grew and I was watching him being squeezed for more patients to pay the bills of a bigger practice with more partners Dr S was not happy with this and wanted to go back to a smaller practice for better medicine to his patients enter MDVIP. This last April after going over my records Dr Silverman was a little upset with me for not following up on my own medical needs and the idea of MDVIP was preventive medicine so Dr silverman asked in a very strong way that I get checked out by several specialist in several fields of medicine where I had issues including a visit to a cardiac Dr I was cleared by all except the cardiac Dr who was not totaly happy with his results of a normal stress test. Dr Silverman insisted I continue with more tests, after a second nucler stress test which he again was not happy with the results. Dr Silverman insisted strongly that I needed a angoigram to get in there and look. I insisted I felt ok with no symptoms and did not want to do a angioplasty. Dr S put his foot down and insisted I do it and only because of my trust in him as a Dr and friend did I agree. The test showed bad blockages but my heart made its own bypasses that is why I had no symptoms the Dr who did the angioplasty sent me to a heart surgeon for a review That Dr said I needed a bypass operation at some point. I was told no hurry but I need to get done. I was hoping to put it off for a month or two after the holidays the heart surgeon was ok with that Dr Silverman was not and sent me for a second opinion to a heart surgeon of Dr silvermans choice. This Heart surgon agreed I needed a bypass operation, but it was a now not later in his words i was a ticking time bomb and needed to be dealt with sooner rather then later. Dr S was given that report and he felt I was in denial which looking back I was. Dr silverman sowed the seeds so every time I felt a pain reality was setting in I scarred myself Into the emergency room of a local hospital. The Dr in the emergency room said I needed to be admitted immediately. Dr Silverman was called and he took control of my care in the hospital with in a hour on that day, he knew what was wrong and the heart surgeon was called in, next day open heart triple bypass surgery. Because of Dr Silverman I am alive and here another day with another chance for my cause, Dr silverman knows my love of Dogs as an advocate for the police and military K-9s fighting for medical benefits when retired. Thanks to Dr Silverman I have a new lease on life with my service K-9 Max who I also have because of DR Silverman. Dr Silverman there is no way and not enough words to say I thank you and your caring ways A true DR and hero in my life. I also Thank God for guiding DR Silverman and the surgeon on my behalf so I may live to write this.
With all my love and respect