I appreciate all of your care and medical advice

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| March, 22 2018 | for Deborah A. Wingel, DO
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Dear Drs. Deb and Mark,
It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since we became patients in your practice. You looked barely old enough to be out of high school, let alone practicing medicine! You've seen us through all kinds of illnesses and treated each one, even the trivial ones, with the same attention and compassion. No matter how bad I was feeling, it was always a pleasure to see your smiling faces when you walked into the room. Your caring attitude extends to your staff, many of whom have been with you for years, which is a tribute to the way you run your office. They are always friendly, courteous and patient, which I'm sure is at times difficult because you're seeing people who, let's say are not having their best day! When I learned you were entering the MD/VIP program, I weighed the pros and cons and ultimately decided to stay with you. It was one of the best decisions I've made regarding my health care. It has completely changed my doctor-patient experience. The entire office has a more relaxed atmosphere - it feels like doctor visits when I was a child, before health care became so complicated. I am so happy for you and your staff that you were able to transition your practice into what you wanted it to be. I appreciate all of your care and medical advice over the years more than you know, and hope to remain in your care for many years to come.
Fran H.