I enjoy a long term relationship with Dr. Snyder.

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| February, 6 2014 | for Larry Snyder, MD

I enjoy a long term relationship with Dr. Snyder. He has guided me through the many stresses imposed by my career and has been instrumental in assisting me to find some peace, improve my health, and guide me into my recent retirement. Dr. Snyder, (I call him Larry) has taught me to enjoy life by allowing stress to dissipate through exercise and meditation. Larry's always been there for me when medical emergencies arise. His patient, caring demeanor and wealth of knowledge have guided me through a number of crises over the years.

The benefits of the MDVIP program come in to play now more than ever. I'm retired now and traveling extensively in Southeast Asia. I plan to be away from home for up to a year. While being so far away from home I feel confident knowing that my relationship with Dr. Snyder remains strong and that he is just a phone call or e-mail message away. I rely on him to advise me should I have any doubts or questions related to my health while traveling halfway around the world.

I have many things I want to accomplish while visiting overseas. I recently returned from a trip to Myanmar ( formerly Burma) where I was able to spend time working with children in a small village outside Mandalay assisting them with their English studies during their Night School session. I'm comfortable here. I rather enjoy spending time helping others and especially working with children who study under the guidance of the monks from their local buddhist monastery. I feel safer knowing that I have a lifeline back to my hometown and that Larry is available should I need him.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Snyder for helping me realize my dream of a fulfilling retirement. He has been instrumental in teaching me how to improve my physical and mental health! I'm less stressed and loving life! Thanks, Larry!