I have been blessed to have you as my Doctor.

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| February, 27 2018 | for Steven P. Friedling, MD

Hi Dr Friedling,
For over 30 years I have been your patient. You are a wonderful human being and much more than an amazing doctor. You have always respected my beliefs and encouraged me to be mindful of living a long but most of all, a balanced and healthy life. I trust you and believe you have always cared genuinely about me and my family. What Dr can you call on the cell phone on his day off and he is glad to hear from you??? That just happened to me remeber?? When I got off the plane in the Bahamas and had severe leg cramping. I was really nervous and called you on your cell. You answered the phone while you were babysitting for your grandchildren and said Hi John. Are you ok? Is something wrong ? You told me to go directly to the hospital and have the doctor call you because I needed special tests. WOW! What a peaceful feeling to know that my doctor wanted to speak to the ER physician for me. There are many other stories I could share but you know many of them. 30 plus years is a long time so I will just say I have been blessed to have you as my Doctor.
Thank you Steven for all of your thoughtful and professional medical care. I think of you as a friend and a gift to my family and the medical profession.