I have been with dr.metzger jr. way before MDVIP

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| February, 15 2015 | for Charles E. Metzger Jr., MD
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I have been with dr.metzger jr. way before .MDVIP.before he join MDVIP he always tried to give me the best advice that time would allow him,he has moved 4 or 5 times and i've stay because i could tell he cared and that there was something different about him.before i ever started to see dr.metzger my health was in decline.But that all changed when he switch over to MDVIP>and when i heard what kind of care i would receive i had to fine a way to be able to afford the program,decided to give up a few things like eating out less,shorter vacation.And it was the wisest decision i ever made.before the switch i never really met his staff in person only by phone,was always being interrupted by knock on the door ,a pt or dr. phone call.so the amount of time with the doctor was 5 to 10 mins if it was that.I could tell he did not like this manner of treating pts ..But i stayed with him because even with the short visits he seem to know what i needed weather it be a medication or referal.So at the sound of what was about to happen with DR..Metzger and MDVIP sounded to good to be true,but i was so wrong.The difference in my heathcare took a whole different direction,the stress of not having to wait in a waiting room with 50 other pts coughing and hacking ,being able to call his office and have someone who knew me answer by the second ring and have the time to set the best time for me to see the DR.and not be putting on hold and then spend as much time as i needed with the DR..I was able to ask questions and he had time for me it was my visit.and his staff knew who I was and what was going on medically with me.My health took a tur for the best.My Doctors visits have been stress free.when i've had to be admitted to hospital he would always come by to see how i was doing and there was anything I needed weather it was to see if i was okay with the doctor and hospital and how i was feeling.needed anything..I am going to be 57 yrs old and feel like i'm going to live a little longer,instead of feel like i was going to die any day.I can't say enough about my doctor and his team,and MDVIP.we will always find the means to be able to afford this kind of care.I still have a few issues but they are improving every day.my wife is also a member and we had my mother-in-law join but she was already 93 and we feel if she had the treatment we have,who know how long she wouldhave lasted..THANK YOU MDVIP TEAM AND MDVIP DOCTORS WHO REALLY ARE LOOKING TO TREAT THEIR PATIENTS