I have been fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Joel Temme’s for almost 15 years.

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| February, 22 2014 | for Joel M. Temme, MD

I have been fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Joel Temmes for almost 15 years. He is an exemplary physician and an outstanding member of the MDVIP community, and he is supported by a fine staff. He combines the highest level of professional expertise with compassion, concern, patience, and attention to detail. I appreciate the many benefits of his MDVIP affiliation: the extensive and thorough annual exam and its emphasis on prevention and fitness; short-notice appointments and virtually nonexistent waiting times; 24/7 contact and rapid replies to emails and phone calls. Ill not forget his kindness in calling my husband the day I returned home from hospital to see how I was doing after major orthopedic surgery. As the attached photo shows, I have made a full recovery and have taken up racquetball! Thank you, Dr. Temme, for giving me, and all of your patients, the best of care!