I have been going to Dr. Rosenbaum for close to 15 years

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| February, 21 2014 | for Steve Rosenbaum, MD, FACP
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I have been going to Dr. Rosenbaum for close to 15 years and have followed him from his previous place of employment at which he had been at for many years to Baylor Clinic in the Houston Medical Center. From the start I knew he was a unique and special physician in todays world of 5 minute consults and Doctors just writing scripts to get onto the next patient. His personal touch and world class listening skills would rival even Oprah! He has diagnose a number of injuries that other medical specialists that I had gone to could not and I believe this is due to his power of listening and truly connecting with his patients.
To make my point on how important it is to have Dr. Rosenbaum as my Doctor is that I live and work approximately 25 miles from the medical center. It is not an easy place for me to get to but knowing that I receive the care I expect I will continue do my part by managing my health by annual visits to Baylor to see Doctor Rosenbaum or make appointments to for other issues if need be. Again, I have been this for a long time knowing I will have to drive across the fourth largest city in the USA for the care that I receive from Doctor Rosenbaum.