I Iove this man!

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| March, 28 2014 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD
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I Iove this man! My mother and I moved to Columbia, SC in 1987. My mother had a long history of migraines and started seeing Dr. Martin's father, Dr. Martin Sr., when he feel ill Dr. Martin, Jr. started seeing my mom, and my family as well. He was thorough, caring, and compassionate. I grew up and moved away and my mom moved back to Tennessee. In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had multiple treatments and was advised by Duke Medical University. October 2013 she went into the hospital and returned home with my husband and I in Charleston, SC. I didn't know what to do about medical care! I called Dr. Martin on his after hours # during office hours on the chance he would remember us. I left a message with my mom's name and that I didn't know if he would remember us, but I needed his help. He called back within an hour! Brooke, Dr. Martin, what's going on with Sandy? I told him everything that mom had been through and that I didn't have much faith in family medicine anymore. I needed him to see her, he said Of course I'll see her! It had been 7 years since he saw her (us) and when he walked in the exam room, it was like we never went away. I am so grateful for Dr. Martin, there are no words to express my gratitude!