I LOVE my Doc

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| April, 30 2021 | for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD
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I have been going to Dr. Guerrier for many years and have always found him to be extraordinarily caring and thorough. I was blessed to find him when, after giving a list of primary care doctors to the ER docs at the hospital I worked in, they scratched out several names and added his! His first comment upon meeting me for an intro- well-visit was that he was so glad he could get to know me when I was healthy. Patients have always been the #1 priority, perhaps even at his own expense from time to time. Never have I felt rushed or "unheard." This month, I followed him as he transitioned to MDVIP and couldn't be happier or more satisfied (and relieved that he didn't retire!). He now has the ability to provide his always thorough care with much less stress from the traditional healthcare system, practicing medicine the way it was meant to be done. He is truly an angel on earth and and a model for those wanting to get into medicine for all the right reasons.