I love telling others about our local physician and our MDVIP

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| February, 26 2017 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

I love telling others about our local physician and our MDVIP network of support, and I always say that the reason I come to see Dr. Heidrick in Bakersfield, California is so that I can stay healthy and stay away from him! Another thing that inevitably comes up during discussions about MDVIP is the cost. I have tried to find ways to let my friends know that the cost of being part of the MDVIP network comes with rewards like: 24/7 access to the doctor, same day appointments as needed, no waiting EVER in the doctor office when you arrive, cutting edge preventative care and proactive testing to address potential for problems before they happen and much more. The thing even I could not imagine was the promise of my doctor really being there for me in the event of an emergency, and what that would mean...until now.
After a long and enjoyable day of lunching with friends and settling down in the evening to watch TV with my husband, I began to have sudden severe gut pain. Of course, I tried to just ignore it, hoping it would go away because, after all, I am healthy and have no reason to expect the unexpected. By 3:00 the following morning I was in agony and knew I needed to go to the hospital. But...what does a person do that never gets sick, has no idea where to go or what to do? We texted Dr. Heidrick and he answered within 3 minutes telling us exactly where to go. I could not know that he sprang into action, phoned the Emergency Department, spoke to the ED physician, established that important connection so that he could coordinate and monitor my condition and care, and stayed in contact with us with personal calls to our cell phone. As my condition worsened Dr. Heidrick dispatched specialists to my bedside, and I remember each doctor that came in said the same thing...Dr. Heidrick sent me and we are working together to take care of you and although I was terrified, I felt safer knowing Dr. Heidrick had his MDVIP Superman cape on and was literally handling every detail of my emergency care. Days passed, I had surgery, I recovered, and was safely discharged from acute care but during that week in the hospital, I knew that Dr. Heidrick was taking care of every detail, coordinating with hospital physicians and specialists...even the nurses!
That's how I learned what being part of an MDVIP network and under the care of an MDVIP physician really means. I felt safer, I felt like I didn't have to explain anything to anyone because Dr. Heidrick handled that, I was not worried about mistakes or oversights in my care planning, because Dr. Heidrick handled that, I didn't have to wonder what was happening because Dr. Heidrick stayed in contact with me and explained it to me.
When I returned to his office after being discharged...his office staff greeted me with genuine concern and I never felt safer or more cared for.
I will never be able to express what it meant to receive personalized and round the clock care when I needed it most, and I never felt alone in the hospital or like I was lost in the big machine of confusing medical care, testing, labs, painful procedures, and faces of medical professionals who don't have any idea what my history or personal needs are.
My MDVIP physician hides his Superman cape under his white coat and although I hope never to see it again and I have now gone back to seeing him so that I don't have to see him...I know he is there and I am changed because of it.
Oh, and back to the question of cost...well as you can see the care is priceless!