I survived because Dr. Morris listened and acted.

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| March, 1 2018 | for James A. Morris, MD, FACP

Early in 2016 I gave into my glaucoma Dr. and planned to go though with a glaucoma surgery. I have a type of glaucoma that almost always ends with some type of limited vision. My wife and I were leaving on vacation and since the surgery was planned for my return. The Dr. asked me to take a drug that would lower the ocular pressure. Since this drug has a incidence of side effects, I took the drug. I started to get bowel symptoms and stopped taking the drug before getting an a plane for 5 hours. On return one week later my wife drove me to Dr. Morris's office. I staggered into Dr. Morris's office and said, I feel like I'm going to die. I repeated my story and he went work and tested for occult blood and did a blood test and asked me to stand by. All tests came back with extreme blood loss. I was admitted to emergency and 10 units of blood later I survived. A duodenal bleed from the drug caused this problem and I know I survived because Dr. Morris listened and acted.
God Bless My Dr.