I thank God for sending you to me.

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| March, 18 2018 | for William N. Boulware, MD, MACP

I first met Dr. B when I was in the hospital during pregnancy and began having heart palpitations. When the call for help was issued, he showed up to help me. From that day forward, he has been my doctor. He has always, even before MDVIP, taken time with me, truly listened, and guided me toward better health. He has taken the time to understand what is truly at the root of the issues and has worked diligently to improve and remedy the situation. He has taken the approach of knowing me not just knowing my symptoms so that he can look at the problem as it pertains to my history and my behaviors. When my mother was sick, he diagnosed her with diabetes, even though her own doctor told her it was all in her head.

Although I could list many attributes including vast medical knowledge, staying abreast of current medical research, and excellent medical treatment...to me, the quality that lifts him head and shoulders above other doctors is that he truly cares. When my mother was sick in the hospital and told by the specialist she would die within the week, he came to see me in the waiting room. I will never forget him telling me that doctors could do many things but that some decisions were in God's hands. My mother came home and lived many more years. He has been there for me through the emotional struggles of losing my child, mother, and father to illness. He has been there through personal illness and personal milestones. He has been there for me in both the good times and the bad times and what makes that special is that I knew he would be. I did not have to wonder if he would see me if I called or that he would help me evaluate an issue. I have trusted him since that first day he showed to help me in the hospital because he always, always shows up. He is an outstanding doctor because he is a man who truly cares about the people he touches everyday.

Thank you, Dr. B, for what you have always done for my family and me. Thank you for being the both the doctor and the man that you are. I thank God for sending you to me.