I thank you again for always being there in my life

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| March, 8 2018 | for James A. Morris, MD, FACP


Dr. Morris was a young physician engaged in a small group practice in Narberth, PA when I introduced my grandmother to him in 1980. Back then, I was seeking an internal medicine physician and since then have never looked in the rear view mirror. Jim and I have grayed a bit since that time but I consider myself blessed to have found such a genuine, caring, approachable, compassionate, receptive, warm, flexible and competent practitioner.

Dr. Morris was there for nearly every life cycle milestone and journey that has elapsed from sharing in my career achievements, marriage and the birth of my son and aspiring neurosurgeon to the untimely passing of my mother and brother. This special 38 year relationship with a physician can only be defined by the character of such a special human being as Jim Morris and it is precisely this attribute which makes Jim such an extraordinary inspiration and gift to those whose lives he touches.

Throughout the decades, Jim has and continues to be an inspiration and role model to me. His multiple roles as friend, mentor, counselor, motivator, support system and confidante help characterize his diverse skill set and the exemplary physician he is. This becomes even more relevant today as I battle some unanticipated health issues. In this regard, the MDVIP experience provides an additional set of resources to help make this journey and learning experience more manageable. Jim's availability, through the MDVIP platform is a phone call or text away and could not have occurred at a more necessary time.

I recall with pleasure the impromptu phone call one afternoon from Jim as he was in his car driving to Avalon, NJ playing some of the classical guitar CD's I burned for him to enjoy....it was rewarding to see him expose himself to one of my life pleasures and exchange of skill sets. This passion to continue to grow and learn from others is another hallmark of what separates Jim from others and why I admire him not only as a great doctor but a really fine man (mensch!).

Loyalty is a important value that I have always tried to embrace because I believe in the virtue of building lasting relationships that forge authenticity and trust. Like respect, the covenant of trust remains a sacred tenet earned through such unique patient/physician partnerships. This has been seminal in my decision to embrace this special relationship because it provides such wise counsel, nurturance and guidance as I continue on my road back to wellness.

I thank you again for always being there in my life and look forward to sharing the years with you in good health and happiness. I am SO glad you made the decision to share your talents with the secular arena instead of remaining at St. Charles's Seminary because as you know...Yes, ...I married a Rabbi!!!