I think that I have been very clear of what it has meant to me to have you as my physician.

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Frank J
| February, 14 2014 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Dr. Murphy:
I think that I have been very clear of what it has meant to me to have you as my physician. Your relationship with me has been a caring one; an attribute that is too often missing in the physician-patient partnership. Indeed most doctors that I encountered did not regard me as a partner but bordered on the mechanic listening to the symptoms of an inanimate and unthinking machine.
From our first meeting I was overjoyed by your sense of inclusion, your willingness to research an little known malady, your thorough examination both in the physical and emotional sense. How can I thank you enough for understanding that I am a capable adult, one with the training to conduct research, even though I am the experiment. I thank you for never making me feel as a lesser contributor and keeping our goal of making me well the ultimate endpoint.
I look forward to our visits for I know that I will always have all of the time that is necessary to express in my humble language the physical manifestations of this blessing that I have been given to carry.
I speak often to my friends of the 98 physician; that is, 98 of the physicians that we encounter can treat 98 of the maladies with which they are presented. This they do by rote and attention to the season (e.g., flu, bronchitis, asthma, allergens, etc.) They fail utterly with those in the 2 of maladies. They are at a loss when confronted with the oddity and try to effect a cure with time (waiting it out) or with medicines or treatment for similar but not the same malady. You, Dr. Murphy are in this 2.
I must mention that your foresight to align yourself with MDVIP was in no small measure to draw me to you. I have been overjoyed to have dealt with such a professional group, which together form one of the foremost medical units in the world. All of my interactions with MDVIP have been positive with the advantage of having in their sphere many doctors such as yourself. And their size and attention to research has permitted to be among the leaders in medicine.
Fortunate are we that we are given access to this awesome duo: Dr. Leslie Murphy and the doctors and technicians of MDVIP
God has certainly blessed us who are your patients.

with fondness and great respect