I trust him totally.

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| October, 18 2018 | for Gary H. Miller, MD, FCCP

Gary Miller has been my PCP since 1988, and I've found him to be an expert diagnostician who listens attentively to my descriptions of symptoms and always -- always -- has been spot-on with diagnoses. One thing stands out above all others, however. When I was 60 years old, my annual health exam showed my PSA level to be well above 20 (anything over 2 is cause for concern about cancer). At that point, my PSA count had risen from an initial count of 5 to 20+ over the course of 10 years. Dr. Miller had never found indication of enlarged prostate, and I showed no symptoms of prostatitis. 3 different urologists had taken core biopsies from my prostate, and no evidence of cancer had ever shown up. The last urologist took the position that my high PSA count was simply an inexplicable aberration.

However, Dr. Miller would not accept that verdict as final. He insisted that I go to yet another urologist whom he knew well and who specialized in prostate cancer. That doctor, in turn, did another (a 20 core sample) biopsy and again found no cancer. Yet afterward, he told me directly that I know you have prostate cancer and we WILL find it. He got me into a new experimental diagnostic trial at NIH, where the lead doctor -- combining ultrasound and CAT scan techniques -- found the cancer immediately, IN THE ONLY PRECISE LOCATION IN THE PROSTATE THAT CANNOT BE REACHED BY A BIOPSY NEEDLE. When the cancer was removed, it was 2 cm wide and resting against the wall of my prostate, from where it would have metastasized within a year.

In short, I am alive because Gary Miller insisted on obtaining a clean diagnosis of the cause of my high PSA count. I could go on ad finitum about his obvious care for and concern over my health, but it's enough to say that I see no other physician for any cause without also consulting Dr. Miller. I trust him totally.