I was lost...then found by Dr. Ahn here in Park City, Utah

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| February, 20 2015 | for Yong Hui Ahn, MD

I was lost...then found by Dr. Ahn here in Park City, Utah. My health had declined dramatically, and I found myself in the U of U Emergency Room not sure I would come out alive. A friend referred me to MDVIP here in town and I decided my quality of life was a priority and I could not say no to the service they provide.
After one meeting with Dr. Ahn and her poignant question as to who is driving the bus here, I realized that I had no driver. So, I handed her the keys and she has directed me to specialists right and left, and offered me her gentle, guiding hand, wisdom and medical expertise. Add to that her charming personality, her genuine concern and complete professionalism, I feel like I
am her only patient in my time of need.
I feel I have found a Port in a Storm and I now have a team that is helping me on the road to wellness. There is no price too high for the comfort and security provided by Dr. Ahn, her amazing staff and the entire concept of MDVIP. In this crazy town of medical healthcare, there IS someone who
cares. Quite frankly, it's a miracle.