I woke up one morning with what looked like a grapefruit growing on the side of my face.

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| February, 23 2014 | for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

I woke up one morning with what looked like a grapefruit growing on the side of my face. It was swollen beyond belied. The previous day I had preparatory work done for a tooth implant. Yes, I took the required antibiotics I must now take before every dental visit, necessitated by an aortic valve transplant the year before at the Cleveland Clinic (in OH). Frightened, I called Dr. Rosenbaum at 6:03 a.m., told her of my panicked concern. She ordered me to immediately go the the emergency ward at our local hospital. They were waiting for me! I rushed in and they began a
full series off tests as ordered by Dr. Rosenbaum. As the day progressed I was visited by specialist after specialist, each covering particular area of concern. Dr. Rosenbaum lefty no possibility open. An ENT specialist, an ophthalmologist, am infectious diseases expert, test after test after test plus a heavy-duty IV which worked rapidly. That evening Dr. Rosenbaum visited me in the hospital, where my recovery was pleasantly noticeable.
Of course she saved my life!!! Without her instantaneous reaction and guidance, I would not be here to write this. No photo for you because I WANT to pay my MDVIP fee! Dr. Rosenbaum is a beautiful & young throwback to the glory days of medicine yesteryear. She always has an assuring smile. She knows medicine. She is the ultimate professional. An under-paid, extremely hard-working physician who has the respect of patients and staff. She is without a doubt the Galen of our era. Honor her?
How do you properly honor a person of this character, integrity and dedication? Thank God for her & MDVIP.