It is almost impossible to explain how much I appreciate Dr. Wolfe's care.

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| February, 28 2018 | for Perry T. Wolfe, MD

It is almost impossible to explain how much I appreciate Dr. Wolfe's care. I was involved in an auto accident over 25 years ago and I have had continuous problems since then. After joining MDVIP Dr. Wolfe has been able to provide truly individual care for my case. As a result, my chronic health problems have stabilized. In addition I know that if anything changes in my health, I can contact him at any time for help. Due to that ability to provide immediate care he has been able to care for me through two frightening pulmonary embolisms as well as several other health scares.

Let me not forget to include how very kind he and his office staff have been to me. They are so understanding. As an example, they always are understanding of my transportation woes. I often run into problems getting to their office (or anywhere) and back since I no longer drive.

Although I used to be able to work as an engineer, I had to come to the conclusion that due to my accident injuries I could no longer work. After a tortuous personal decision process I applied for Social Security Disability Benefits. Although I had been told that most people are rejected and then have to file for appeal, I was awarded monthly benefits after only a two month wait. When Dr. Wolfe decided to join MDVIP I did the math and, on my disability income, couldn't afford to stay as his patient. That set me off on a search for another physician. The long and short of it - there was no one who could fill his shoes. So, I moved to a much cheaper rental and, with a few other concessions, I am able to get this special gift of CARE.