It was very fortunate that a specialists recommended Dr. Salvatore Ciliberti.

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| March, 19 2016 | for Salvatore A. Ciliberti, MD

I was raised in a small town and during my younger years going to a doctor meant sitting in the waiting room with other sick people for literally hours. Our family only went to a doctor when absolutely necessary. There was no proactive health care, only reactive.

It was very fortunate that a specialists recommended Dr. Salvatore Ciliberti. My wife and I had planed to meet with him and later decide if we wanted to sign on. After talking with him for a few minutes we made an immediate decision to sign up and have never regretted that decision.

With my wife and I not having any charted medical history Dr. Ciliberti conducted various tests to establish a baseline for reference. If unique situations occurred more specific tests were conducted. He explained why the tests were needed, the results and any corrective action we should take to remedy unacceptable results. He did all of this in a friendly and compassionate manner.

Dr. Ciliberti has a great team with medical technician Chris and Sandy with appointments and medical records. Chris is always efficient and moves us along with whatever process is being conducted but never makes one feel they are being rushed. Sandy is likewise efficient with appointments and registration, and helping with emergency appointments. Both of them exhibit a demeanor of personal care and concern for my wife and me.

Dr. Ciliberti and his team posses the necessary technical qualities but just as importantly the humanistic qualities that makes one feel comfortable in their presence. My wife and I truly feel all of them genuinely care about us and our health. This makes us strive even harder to help them help us.

It has been a very worthwhile and beneficial association.