It's been said that the minute you begin to do what you want to do, it's a different kind of life.

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| February, 22 2014 | for Lee S. Freedman, MD

It's been said that the minute you begin to do what you want to do, it's a different kind of life. I am writing this narrative from Yap Island, Micronesia, on my way to South Africa. Hardly convenient for me, but I feel so strongly about Dr. Lee Freedman that I felt it imperative to respond to your request. I am able to travel to an extent that I never dreamed possible, and I'm so appreciative for Dr. Freedman's help to have the health to live a different kind of life.

Dr. Lee Freedman has been my doctor since 1998, a number of years before he became affiliated with MDVIP. He told me at that time that he believed in practicing medicine a different way, not rushed within 15 minute appointments. He believed in a higher standard of patient care, getting to know his patients, and a focus on wellness. When he chose to become a MDVIP physician, I joined as well.

When I discuss health care issues with my family and friends, I realize how blessed I am to have found Dr. Freeman. No nightmare stories here, and that is so uncommon today. There are many reasons I continue with Dr. Freedman, and I'd like to highlight some of those.

1. The finest in primary care from office visits to the comprehensive annual physical. I feel that Dr. Freedman's office is a place where I am known, cared for and cared about.

2. Access to the specialists best suited to meet my needs. Several years ago I had an acute onset of a spinal condition and immediately needed back surgery. The general surgeon at the local hospital told me it was unlikely I would survive the surgery, let alone have a good outcome. Dr. Freedman had me moved from the local hospital to another facility by the end of the day so I could be seen by a specific neurosurgeon. Fantastic outcome, totally pain free, fully active, and no residual effects. He also selected my orthopedic surgeon when I needed joint replacement. Believe me, I appreciate that my results are stellar, and I know that all surgeons or medical teams are not equally skillful. I attribute the results to Dr. Freedman knowing what I need and matching my needs to the most qualified specialists.

3. Prompt appointments and other access to the doctor and his staff. Dr. Freedman will personally call me back, even though I am often difficult to reach. Communication is key and the entire office staff is focused on providing quick access. I always feel as though I am listened to and that my concerns and insights matter. Since I often travel for months at a time, I appreciate the accommodations for my needs and my schedule.

4. Expert advice and shared decision making. Dr. Freedman gives me guidance, options, time to research on my own before deciding if I so choose, and a thorough assessment of risks and benefits. I truly feel like a partner in my health and wellness.

5. Use and sharing of data. I'm a big believer in data-based decision making. Dr. Freedman insists I always have current copies of my pertinent data, as well as the history of changes over time. Data points are so critical in striving for and maintaining wellness.

Dr. Freedman's skills and abilities as a physician are extraordinary and so highly valued. Equally as valued are his caring, generosity of spirit, kindness, patience, and sincerity in finding and sustaining an excellent resolution in health issues. He embodies the heart and soul of what the practice of medicine should be, and MDVIP is fortunate to be so well represented.