Kim Scott, M.D. is the very best.

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| March, 29 2017 | for Kim E. Scott, MD
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Kim Scott, M.D. is the very best. I have been a patient for approximately 18 years, before she joined MDVIP. After MDVIP, there was a noticeable difference in her practice. Since Dr. Scott had more time, she was more relaxed, and in the present moment. That made me feel more relaxed because I knew I didn't have to spill every complaint in a 15-20 minute visit.

I had the pleasure of being part of opening the new Park City Medical Center a few years ago. Part of my responsibility was to ensure that all physicians were enrolled in the new scanning project; no paper charts. Whenever I mentioned Dr. Scott, the physicians knew her or knew her by reputation. They were always impressed with her knowledge and skill as a physician of Internal Medicine. I have never heard a contrary word about Dr. Scott. I am also impressed with her knowledge and skills. When she isn't in the office, she is somewhere learning the latest in pharmaceuticals, treatment, and disease; I know that is for my benefit and the benefit of all her patients.

She knows me. Dr. Scott could tell you just about every medication I have ever taken; what works and what doesn't, and she knows my history like it was written on the back of her hand. I dread the day she decides to retire; I'll just have to go to her house for my visit, you know, a house visit.