Larry has been so good to us, my wife and I.

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| February, 7 2014 | for Larry Snyder, MD

Larry has been so good to us, my wife and I. In her recent medical illness, the many times she called him by phone off hours to get support and counsel, at a time she most needed it. Neither she nor I had any idea as to what was going on and he helped to consistently guide us the right way. And again a few months back, when my wife was traveling and I had just returned from also being on business and I became ill the night I arrived home. Alone, and becoming concerned about the symptoms, I called Larry off hours and he calmed me down so that I could address what was happening. I ended up recovering but once again, Larry was there for us. We've been patients of Larry's for many years, we intend to stay this way. God bless you, Larry, and thanks for all you have done for us.