A Legacy of Caring - Dr. J. Frank Martin, Jr.

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| March, 11 2020 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD

I moved to Columbia, South Carolina in 1972 when I was twenty-six years old. I needed to find a doctor. Someone at work recommended Dr. J. Frank Martin, Sr. During my first appointment and for many years thereafter, Dr. Martin's wife Kay was his assistant. She and I immediately hit it off; that first visit cemented my relationship with both the doctor, his wife, and his dog Rex who sat patiently in the office Dr. Martin used to talk to me about my health issues.
During one illness in the more than thirty-five years I was his patient, Dr. Martin got worried about me and came to my apartment with his wife to personally make a house call to make sure I was all right. I couldn't believe he and Mrs. Martin cared so much about me, but there they were - smiling and encouraging me to get better. I will never forget that.
Both Dr. Martin and I got older through the years, and I was unprepared to accept the transition from him to his son, Dr. J. Frank Martin, Jr. Jr. was young, brash, but with a great sense of humor. I gradually came to accept Jr. because he was smart, thorough, capable, always anxious to keep up with innovations in family medicine. But the one great quality he inherited from his father was how much he truly cared for his patients. I consider that a gift and an asset to anyone whose goal is to heal the sick.
I have recommended Dr. J. Frank Martin, Jr. to many people only to be met with the response that they already were his patients.
Good doctors are hard to find these days, but I love mine and will never be able to repay him for his care. Somewhere his father is proud of him.