Let me start with a little back ground information.

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Nancy L.
| February, 24 2014 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Let me start with a little back ground information. Dr. DeAtkins took over Dr. Killan's patients, amoung those were my mother and father who suffered from diabetes with kindney and heart complications. Little did he know how difficult this task would be. They were both stubborn and willfull and for the most part in denial and thier health was already in crisis mode, I had my doubts for his survival. However he rose to occasion with style and convidence, for the remainder their lives he devoted time to helping them with all the skill he possesed. My parents came to respect him as did I. Seeing him handle my parents and the fact that he knew my families medical history background is what affrimed me as his now patient. He has not let me down. He is proactive in his approach to my medical needs, always keeping track through testing for diabetes and heart disease, which are rampent in my family. His helpful suggestion for life style changes and true concern are, for me, a wonderful support system. There is nothing we can do to change our genetic make up but with the proper medical support I believe I can stay it off maybe for ever maybe not these diseases.I have all the convidence in the world that should diabetes or heart disease catch me I have the absolute best doctor to see me through. I count Dr. DeAtkins one of my many blessing.