Life Altering

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| May, 17 2023 | for John V. Borders, MD, FACP
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Dr. John Borders has been my primary care physician for 35 years. I am now 70 years old. You might say we have grown up together. 😊. I consider him a wonderful doctor and trusted friend. He is very caring, personable, and has always spent time with me to explain and encourage me concerning all areas of my health and life. My father had high blood pressure and high cholesterol at the age of 35. He had by-pass heart surgery and eventually two strokes, one that took his life. I unfortunately followed the same health pattern with high blood pressure and cholesterol at age 35. That is when I was referred to Dr. Borders. I have always been active and a healthy weight. I thought I was eating pretty healthy. Dr. Borders helped to keep my cardiovascular health in check with medications and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. My blood result numbers weren’t perfect but considered acceptable.
When Dr. Borders became a part of MDVIP I definitely wanted to stay with him and liked what MDVIP offered. When the first wellness exam results came back many things were in the yellow and red. I was shocked! My inflammation was in the red! The test on my carotid artery came back with concerns. Genetic testing showed that I had the “heart attack” gene. I immediately followed Dr Borders advice with diet, exercise, adjustments and additions to meds, prescription and over the counter. The next year my wellness exam results showed most of my blood test results were in the green including inflammation! Muscle mass had improved. We both were thrilled. The expectation was that the carotid artery test would show improvement; however, it was getting worse instead of better. Dr. Borders immediately ordered a glucose intolerance test and a sleep study. The results showed that I was insulin resistant and had sleep apnea. With medication, strict diet, regular exercise, and sleeping with a C-pap machine my carotid artery is now showing improvement. All areas of my health profile are vastly improved. Dr. Borders assures me that I am on the right track now and I should not only expect a long life but one with quality of life, if I continue to follow the plan that MDVIP and Dr. Borders have mapped out for me. I feel better and very happy with what I am able to do physically at the age of 70. My weight is perfect, I have lots of energy, I sleep better, I line dance, do water aerobics, play Pickleball, and do regular cardiovascular and weight training as recommended. I have arthritis and have had a hip replacement but was able to rehabilitate quickly back to a full recovery.
I titled my story Life Altering. That is how I feel about Dr. Borders and my MDVIP experience. It truly has transformed and altered all areas of my health, life, and hope for a continued quality of life as I age. I thought I was “healthy” before MDVIP but we learned there were many other parts to the equation that were silent and unknown before I received the information revealed through the advanced testing offered through MDVIP. I thank God every day for Dr. Borders and his true dedication to always helping me, a long time patient, to be healthy and live my best life. I am so thankful he embraced the MDVIP program. Having a physician that is always available when needed, even after hours, is such an added blessing! Thank you Dr. Borders!