Lifnim Mshuras Hadin

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| March, 25 2020 | for Brent A. Berger, MD

It's true that Dr. Berger has remarkably modified prescription from my cardiologist and GI Doc to achieve more effective results. Gratifying, but not surprising.

But 4 years ago, when an ulcer 40 years old, suddenly sprung a leak, I suddenly collapsed and was transported to Suburban Hospital where expert medical staff--with multiple transfusions --saved my life.
For the next 7 evenings, Dr.Berber visited--not just in and out- but pulled up a chair and engaged in 30 minutes or more of discussion on subjects that interested us both. The meds and endoscopies and all the ICU care by caring nurses all mattered, but those hours with Dr. Berger allayed much anxiety and apprehension of a very

apprehensive 80 year old concerned about his family's impact from his health escapade. I have no doubt that the attention of my "Doc" was remarkable in every way. Not surprising his carecontinues to a very grateful patient.