Listens, and pinpoints the problem

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| March, 10 2020 | for John E. Yerg, MD, FCCP

I have been a patient with Dr John Yerg for 15 years, and during this time he always takes the time to thoroughly listen before making assumptions, and even though he probably knows exactly why I'm sitting on the table in front of him, he still allows me to describe the symptoms. Sometimes I think he has forgotten about a past surgery, or an MRI I had three years ago, but he amazes me when he says "I gave this to you to help your neck problems a few years ago." I like having a doctor that is close to my age so he can better relate when I discuss my sleeping habits, or a lack of exercise. Dr Yerg is so proactive and he always ensures I have the latest shingles vaccine, or any other injections while I'm in his office. And the best part is if he discovers something that is not in his field of expertise, he always recommends me to a top doctor, and he expedites it so I see the doctor within a day or two. Same applies when I needed an MRI, and he called over to Sibley, and I was getting the MRI two hours later. And what I have found to be very helpful is when I am in Delaware or California and I feel ill and need medication, I simply contact Dr Yerg and he makes sure the medication is sent to the pharmacy closest to me. He will get annoyed with me at times because I hate to exercise, but I realize the benefits of exercise, so I will start up a daily program. Dr Yerg keeps me healthy and is always within reach when I need his advice. The entire office feels like family members after 15 years. Great doctor, and I hope he doesn't retire soon!